We're a bunch of people who take yoga very seriously. But we also enjoy having fun with it. Far too often, people associate yoga with something very serious and profound. Obviously, this ancient philosophy is not something to be light-hearted about, but it's not what you find when you close the book on "real-life" either. Sure, it's a great way to keep healthy, but it also gives you something to think, stop and smile about.

Where to find us

Van Trierstraat 44, 2018 Antwerpen

Map & directions

Are you interested in yoga or just curious?

Great! Our next beginners' class is on May 12th.

More info? Please mail us: nina@pitchwork.be


  • € 10 for a drop-in
  • € 90 for 10 classes
  • € 55 for an entire month
  • € 150 for 3 months unlimited

Special offers

We're a yoga studio, not a bl*** supermarket. 

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  • Good evening! ( - or morning... - whenever you'll read this), I'd like to start practising yoga and came across your pretty cool website. So i have a few questions: - When could i join in? (I have almost no experience.) - When are the classes? - Is it okay that i can come only every other week (shared custody) ? Thanx a lot! Best wishes, Lode Van de Velde
    january 05 by Lode Van de Velde
  • Hi! I would like to start ashtanga yoga lessons . When can I start ? Is there any timetable? Thank you for your attention Ana
    august 26 by Ana Ventura
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Wor(k)ships and plat-du-jours

Next beginners' workshop is filling up fast!! Would you like to join us on May 12? 2 to 4 PM. Please email nina@pitchwork.be.

How to contact us

We only communicate via mail or directly via seventh chacra. If the latter is not (yet) an option to you, please drop us a mail at practice@idapingala.be. Or keep visiting this website.

What to wear

Keep it comfy and be yourself. No dresscode. Stiletto's might not be a good idea though.

What is yoga?

Yoga is breathing, stretching, bending, laughing, searching, finding, twisting, trusting, opening, exploring, extending, turning, balancing, learning, falling, inviting, challenging, endearing and soothing. Yoga is facing up, facing down and facing the music.

And it's also very much what you make of it.
So just come join the fun at The Ida and Pingala Yoga Studio and discover what yoga could mean to you.

No, seriously, what is yoga?

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic form of yoga whereby the breath is synchronized to movement.

This means that eventually a consistent practice will tone your body and generally make you stronger and more flexible. It will also even out every unbalance in your body and mind.
Some day we'll come round to making a clip to give you an idea, but in the meantime just give it a try.

Websites you might find interesting

Yoga Goa

One of our favorite hangouts in India. And we just love Sauri for her great cooking.

ABC of yoga

For info, news and pictures on yoga. There's also a shop, so be careful!

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is one of the many forms of yoga that is incredibly popular in the west right now. It involves a fixed sequence of postures, practiced in a very precise way. Come and try it out during our thursday evening class.

Greetje Van Buggenhout

The chic(h)a with the click(h)a. Only the best photographer in the world. all the images on this website: hers. She rocks.

Yoga Journal

For interesting articles and all you need to know about postures.

Danielle Negri

A woman so unpretentious she directs us to a facebook link where she silently displays her mind-blowing creations. Get yourself a website, woman!!! Anyhow, Danielle is the best at what she does because she's only one doing it. if anyone ever asks you to come up with a word that contains "juice", just tell'em "Danielle Negri". Danielle paints all our flyers by pouring the contents of her heart on a piece of paper. For real, I've seen it happen. You'll easily distinguish her contribution to this sisterhood: Whatever makes you smile in our studio, is basically hers. So, please, at least become a fan on facebook.